Today, I would like to review back what we have learned previously by Question & Answer. I will post the questions in English at the bottom and all you need to do is post your answers in Romaji (Japanese) in the comment. I will then let your know whether it is wrong or right.

Why I am doing this is because practical is an important factor to keep what we have learned in mind.

Here we go :
Example : My Question – What is this? Your Answer in comment – Kore wa nan desu ka?

Q1 – This is my pencil

Q2 – This is my car

Q3 – Is that your wallet?

Q4 – Yes, it is mine

Q5 – No, that is not my pencil

Q6 – Whose book is this?

Q7 – This book belongs to my younger brother

Q8 – That new car costs 100,000 yen

Q9 – Is this table heavy?

Q10 – How old is your elder brother?

Q11 – Your bag is in my father’s car

Q12 – I have a brown wallet as well as (and also) an expensive pen

OK, that’s all for this section. Try it out now !!!