Few days ago, I have posted how to communicate in a normal-form (inpolite / friends-talk). Today I will add a bit more on this subject.

Usually, male and female use different way such as “boku”, “kimi” and “ore” is used by male where “watashi” and “anata” is used by female.

Conversation 1
Q : Is the exam difficult?
Q : (Polite) – Shiken wa muzukashikatta desu ka?
Q : (Normal – Male & Female) – Shiken, muzukashikatta?

A : No, it isn’t that difficult
A : (Polite) – Iie, muzukashiku arimasen deshita.
A : (Normal – Male) – Uun, muzukashikunakatta yo
A : (Normal – Female) – Uun, muzukashikunakatta wa yo

Meaning : Shiken (Exam), Muzukashii (Difficult)

Ladies will in most cases add a “wa” at the end.

Conversation 2
Q : How was (your trip to) Kyoto? – Kyouto wa dou deshita ka?
A : (I) enjoyed it very much – Tottemo omoshirokatta desu.
Q : Wasn’t there cold? – Samuku arimasen deshita ka?
A : Yes, it was cold – Hai, samukatta desu.

Q : Kyouto, Dou datta?
A : Tottemo omoshirokatta yo
Q : Samukunakatta?
A : Un, samukatta yo.

Meaning :Kyouto (Kyoto – State name), Dou (How), Omoshiroi (Fun / Enjoy), Samui (Cold)