It’s being a while without any new post. This was due to my laptop being hit by lightning and the motherboard was burnt. Anyway I got it back now and would like to cover the last part of Level 3 before moving into Level 4.

Conversation 1
Tony : Have you decided what to do during summer holiday – Natsu yasumi, dō suru ka, (kimeru)kimeta
Kobayashi : No, not yet. How about you – Uun, mada. Toni-san wa
Tony : I have decided to go camping in August – Kimatte iru no wa 8 gatsu no kyanpu dake da yo
Meaning : Natsu (Summer), Yasumi (Holiday / Rest), Kimeru (Decide), Kyanpu (Camp)

Conversation 2
Kobayashi : My car could’t go out because there’s a big truck parking in front of my house – Uchi no mae ni ookii torakku ga (Tomaru)tomatte ite, kuruma o dasu koto ga dekinain da.
Tony : When was the truck parked there – Sono torakku, itsu kara (Tomeru)tomete aru no
Kobayashi : Hmm, I think it’s being there for 30 minutes – Sō da naa, mō 30 bun naru ka na
Meaning : Torakku (Truck), Tomaru / Tomeru (Stop / Park), Itsu (When)

Conversation 3
Kobayashi : Hello – Moshi moshi.
Tony : Yes, Tony speaking – Hai, Toni de gozaimasu
Kobayashi : I am Kobayashi, Is John in? – Kobayashi to mō shimasu, Jon-san irasshaimasu ka?
Tony : Yes, he is in. Please wait a moment – Hai, orimasu. Shōshō omachi kudasaimase
Meaning : Moshi moshi (Hello), Gozaimasu (a very polite form for “desu”), Irasshaimasu (A very polite form for “imasu”), Orimasu (antoher polite for for “imasu”), Shōshō (a moment), Kudasaimase (a very polite form for “kudasai”)

In my next post, I will cover Level 4 lessons. Stay Tune !!!